Chamba admn’s mascots Syanu, Namanu ensure adherence to Covid-19 guidelines

The Chamba administration has come up with a unique information education and communication (IEC) campaign amid the coronavirus pandemic, involving the mascots Syanu (the wise) and Namanu (the stubborn).

“Syanu apprises the people of ‘to dos’ in the local dialect,” says Chamba deputy commissioner Vivek Bhatia.

Namanu, names and shames violators on social media, he tells people what not to do, says Bhatia.

“We have adopted these strategies to ensure people follow social distancing, hand hygiene and coughing etiquettes and do not break quarantine,” he said.

The walls in market areas have been painted with portraits of the mascots to remind the public of Syanu and Namanu while they are out and about.

Syanu apprises the people of ‘to dos’ in the local dialect amid the coronavirus dialect .


The administration has also launched the ‘Syanu integrated helpline number’ on WhatsApp, which will manage and maintain the border management system at barriers and integrate entries with a panchayat-level “panch-astra” home quarantine surveillance, the DC said.

The app provides a one-stop solution to all grievances of people during the lockdown period.

“The app’s workflow is simple and intuitive. Officials can connect with any person without having to connect with each and everyone,” he said.

The common man can connect with any officer without knowing the officer’s contact details or number.

WhatsApp was selected for the integrated helpline as it is the most commonly used medium.

“The helpline aids both officials and the common man. Anyone can send their grievances on WhatsApp number 98166-98166. Our back-end system will respond with a solution as soon as possible,” he said.


“Systematisation and follow-ups have been made simple as the grievances are redirected to the officer concerned. The helpline facilitates officers in case of a law and order problem, quarantine violation, supply of essentials (ration and medicine), emergency, home delivery and curfew-pass management,” the DC said.

The app was launched on May 21 and the district authorities received 296 queries on the helpline and resolved them the same day.

Another, IT-enabled initiative is the Chamba Home Delivery android app, which helps to get supplies to people’s doorsteps.

Relax Chambyal Careline

For those emotionally distressed, the Relax Chambyal Careline has been launched. Both help lines are also integrated with the Syanu Helpline, said Bhatia.

The administration is also considering integrating barber and salon services on the platform.


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