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Registration is process by which a company files required documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

A company issuing shares must reveal essential facts and detailed information .

About its business during the registration process. And including a description of its business and assets.

A description of the security being offered and the further details of the offering.

And a description and names of the company’s management, and the company’s financial statements.

Which is certified by an accountant, working independently of the company.

A registration is also process by which securities brokers or dealers become legally entitled to sell securities.

In other words to have the authority to sell securities, a broker or dealer must file forms, such as Form BD.

A brokers or dealer must already be a member, or must become a member of a self-regulatory organisation (SRO).

Such as the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD).

And they must also register with the state or states in which they intend to sell securities.

Finally, the prospective broker and/or dealer must become a member of the (SIPC).

Here are 5 benefits for registering your company

You can limit your personal liability

As a sole trader or partnership you are legally responsible for all aspects of your business. Including any debts and losses.

If you sell a defective product, make an error or suffer an injury during the course of your business.

And you will personally liable. Therefore this can result in the loss of all your personal assets such as your car and home.

A company is a separate legal entity and it is an easy way to protect your personal assets from your business actions.

Enhance your brand image and improve the relationships with your customers and suppliers

Hence Abraham And John Company is a Registered Company, you can work with. We work under the Government of India.

Abraham and john has all the legal certificates. And we value our customer and provide the best services to them.

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