86 locally transmitted Covid-19 cases reported in Amritsar in 16 days

Community transmission of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) is underway in Amritsar, with 86 cases being reported in 16 days where the patient had no travel history or been in proximity to an infected person from outside the state.

The district has recorded 420 Covid-19 cases so far, of which 325 patients have recovered.

Of the 420 cases, 101 cases, including eight deaths, were cases of local transmission. As per records, 24% of the total cases are that of community transmission.

Eleven cases of community transmission surfaced on Thursday alone.


Social worker Indu Arora says, “A two month lockdown was imposed to contain the spread of the disease. However, now that relaxations have been announced people are not following precautions.”

“People are not wearing face masks and tossing social distancing norms to the wind, leading to greater community spread. The administration should step up surveillance and increase restrictions,” Arora says.

Maninder Kaur, a local, said, “Now, almost every locality of the city has a Covid-19 case. Despite the community spread, people are still not serious about social distancing. They can be seen crowding around shops.”


Civil surgeon Dr Jugal Kishore said, “The patients who had contracted the infection through community transmission were tested at flu corners after they exhibited influenza-like symptoms. Their close contacts also tested positive.”

“The health department and the district administration are trying to trace patients’ source of the infection. We are testing around 500 samples daily and since more people are being tested, asymptomatic cases are also being diagnosed,” Kishore said.

“The number of cases is also increasing because relaxations have been allowed and people are not following social distancing norms. The situation is under control and we are working on stepping-up surveillance,” he added.


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